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Providing great care, building meaningful relationships with residents and families, and creating a comforting home filled with dignity, respect, and love.

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About Us

Thoughtful and Elevated Elderly Home Care

At Miss Bell's Assisted Living, we're committed to providing intimate, compassionate care for the elderly, creating a homely atmosphere where residents feel truly at ease, not just in a "facility." Our mission is to enhance their overall well-being by addressing their physical, emotional, and social needs.

Our Services

Miss Bell's Assisted Living for Seniors

Welcome to Miss Bell's Assisted Living services. We are dedicated to providing warmth in our personalized care services that support independent living for seniors in their daily tasks, all within the comfort of a home-like environment. Our mission is to promote holistic wellness and well-being among our senior residents.
Health and Safety Support

Round-the-clock personalized assistance and oversight Professional medication administration and oversight On-site visiting physicians for healthcare needs Convenient on-site hairdressing services Advanced fire safety systems Secure exit with advanced alarm systems

Comfortable Living Spaces
Exclusive private and semi-private bedrooms In-room cable TV for resident entertainment Complimentary telephone access for residents
Enrichment and Social Engagement
Engaging social, recreational, and educational programs Comprehensive housekeeping services for all residents Daily provision of three nutritious meals and snacks*
Home of Warmth
In our small, intentionally designed homes, we create not just living spaces, but personalized experiences that touch lives. A successful 3:1 resident-to-caregiver ratio gives a more focused caring approach in our homes.
A Home Away from Home
With four exquisite senior care havens nestled across the scenic landscapes of North Carolina, Miss Bell's Special Features isn't just a place to stay; it's a place to belong. Our homes aren't just buildings; they're home.
Where Every Resident is Family
Here, we redefine the meaning of family. We forge connections that go beyond mere care; we build bonds that last a lifetime. Our homes don't just provide services; we offer gestures of love, ensuring each resident feels cherished, valued, and understood.
Dedicated Memory Care
For those battling dementia and Alzheimer's, our round-the-clock memory care services provide a beacon of hope. We are licensed to provide these services and every staff are trained and experienced caregivers.
Here's how we differ

Miss Bell's Special Features

4 Easy Steps to New Beginnings

Follow H-O-M-E Roadmap

H -ealth Assessment
Start the journey with a thorough health evaluation to ensure we meet the specific care needs.
O -rientation and Tour
Explore our community during an informative orientation and tour to experience the comfort of the potential new home.
M -ultidisciplinary Care Planning
Create a personalized senior care home plan with our healthcare team, addressing all the health and well-being concerns.
E -nrollment and Move-In
Officially join the community and the new beginning after the enrollment process and transition into senior assisted living home.
I have dealt with several assisted living centers during the past 10 years and I can honestly say that Avendelle Assisted Living is the best…by far! Their staff shows compassion and love beyond expectations. When my mother was starting to decline in one of the very large assisted living facilities, we moved her to Avendelle so she would get more personalized care and attention. The manager and staff exceeded already high expectations and within a matter of a few months, my mother was doing better physically, mentally, and emotionally. The staff treats residents as if they are family…and my mom felt that love. I did too. The home-like environment they provide made a world of difference in the care and attention she received. If your loved one requires assisted living, you want their days filled with joy, memorable moments, and the feeling that they are genuinely cared about…not just cared for. Avendelle assisted living is the epitome of what a great assisted living facility can be. Management is outstanding and each staff member who cares for your loved one become friends that you will cherish forever.
DeShaun and his crew are the best of the best. From the welcome feel of the home, to the warm, smiling attention of the ladies who work there, everything about Waterford Landing is top of the line! If you are looking for a 'home' for your loved one, instead of an institution, there is nowhere better than Avendelle.
I moved my mother here from a large assisted living facility, and the level of attention and care at Avendelle at Fuquay was wonderfully better. Because Avendelle is a small facility, the staff there is very present and engaged with the residents. I can express my experience as this; It's not institutional, it's a family home. I highly recommend anyone carefully consider this assisted living service, especially if one of your concerns is the level of care and attention for your loved one.
Avendelle was the absolute best place for my mom. The smaller environment of only up to 6 residents was perfect for her. The staff cared for my mom as though she were their own family.
My mother received high quality care at Avendelle. The facilities are nice and clean. The staff is friendly and caring.
Avendelle at Fuquay is a high quality family care home with compassionate caregivers and a wonderful owner.
My mom was in the garner location for almost 3 years, she was well taken care of. I was thankful for having found them.

Cherished Moments with Us

Welcome to a collection of heartfelt stories about life at our assisted living homes. Discover the stories that make our community a truly cherished home, where our dedicated staff provides exceptional care and our residents and their families experience a supportive environment and a deep sense of belonging and security.

Invest In The Wellness Of Your Loved Ones

At Miss Bell, we're not just a care facility; we're a community that values the wisdom and experiences of our elders. Join us in creating a fulfilling and enriching chapter of life that is filled with love, respect, and happiness. Cpntact us today to learn more about pur services and to schedule a visit. Your journey with Miss Bell awaits!
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For any inquiries about our assisted living services, please don't hesitate to reach out. We're here to answer your questions and provide the information you need. Contact us through:
Miss Bell's at Fuquay
: 709 Minerva Dale Drive Fuquay-Varina, North Carolina 27526
: Deshaun Sellers/ 984-444-8885
: 919-285-3364
: 919-285-3365
: dsellers@missbellcares-com.preview-domain.com/
License Number: FCL-092-210
Miss Bell's at Wyckford
: 4520 Dilford Drive Raleigh, North Carolina 27610
: Deshaun Sellers/ 984-444-8885
: 919-307-8547
: 919-285-3365
: dsellers@missbellcares-com.preview-domain.com/
License Number: FCL-092-138
Miss Bell's at Garner
: 181 Kaspurr Drive Garner, North Carolina 27520
: Deshaun Sellers/ 984-444-8885
: 919-585-2180
: 919-585-2178
: dsellers@missbellcares-com.preview-domain.com/
License Number: FCL-051-062
Miss Bell's at Waterford Landing
: 1008 Flower Round Court Raleigh, North Carolina 27610
: Deshaun Sellers/ 984-444-8885
: 919-255-6890
: 919-5852178
: dsellers@missbellcares-com.preview-domain.com/
License Number: FCL-092-313